‘ORIGIN’ on Firsky Radio:

Coalition Music has been running a podcast on Soundcloud and Official website for 4 years and received support from the likes of Dave Seaman, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, James Harcourt, Tom Hades, Lonya, Stephane K and many more Indian celebrated DJs like WAtec, Ivan, Ash Roy, BLOT, Ankytrixx etc.

In 2016 Coalition Music moved to FRISKY RADIO- ‘The Home of Underground Music and launched ‘ORIGIN’ which is a monthly feature for 2 hours- (every 2nd Thursday of the month) where Sanjay Dutta & Beat2 and take people on a journey with ground breaking sounds sourced from every corner of the world and beyond.

Tune in or you can even download the app on your smartphones for easy access.

See you, ON AIR!