The word "inspirational" is overused in discussions about clubbing and electronic music. But when DJs and promoters say it in reference to the night life of India, it is fitting for Sanjay Dutta; a DJ who has carved a niche and a definitive legacy second to none. His presence reverberates in a far-reaching impact on the dance music scene and his mastery in the craft remains unsurpassed in the vibrant music entertainment segment of the country. With a career spanning over three decades he is fondly known to everyone as the Beast From The East. An award winning performer whose exquisitely curated DJ sets can perplex and intrigue in equal parts.

Having inspired the collective imagination of generations, Sanjay is an undisputed underground music figure best known for his rugged basslines, ethereal atmospherics, euphoric build-ups and deceptively evocative music that has stood the test of time. Not to forget that he is the main stay of nearly every conceivable DJ booth, acclaimed venues as well as renowned dance music festivals with his immersive sounds, moulding each dance floor to his musical presentation whether as a Progressive House specialist or even when he diversifies in to the realms of intense Techno.

Of late Sanjay has shaped in to other roles; ones that see him with releases on international dance labels Lowbit, Perspectives Digital and more. Secondly, he hosts Horizons a top rated two hour show on Frisky Radio which has recently celebrated three amazing years at the home of underground music, contestants charting in the TOP 10. Add to all this, he is an inceptor of an unique electronic dance music concept, which is held on the 1st of January in Goa, an annual gathering called ‘The Beginning’; wherein he handpicks the artists along-side himself, a pure showcase of carefully crafted DJ sets, which happens to be a much anticipated night in the season calendar of the city.

Starting his DJ career in 1990, Sanjay has successfully completed 30 years as an initiator and a cult creator of his generation and beyond. Being one of the finest and most sought after dj of india, Sanjay urges every clubber to open their minds, embrace the music magic and get lost in the dynamic world of soundscapes he represents for all ages and times.

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