The original ”Vinyl rider”, ”God father of House music”, ”Beast from the East” are some ways to describe the long running legendary figure of dance music of India. Sanjay Dutta needs no introduction to the club loving circuit and takes the onus of a career spanning over 24 years in the Dj’ing industry, with ease and consistency. A master of Progressive /Tech House to Techno and Trance, he fulfills every clubber’s outing in spades.about

Sanjay forged an un-equalled revolution in Kolkata during the 90’s when his explorations took him overseas…..returning with those wonderful records and turning his residencies in to a delightful experience, warehouse capers, very much reminiscent of the West. Not only did he play those tunes but also created many musical journeys, which he alone is synonymous with. Sanjay Dutta’s brand of electronic dance music is fresh, fun-filled, emotional, powerful and versatile. Every set of his has a magical build up, a bright crescendo and a sensational ending. Looking into the future, Sanjay remains loyal to his innumerable fans and followers with a pledge to always introduce cutting-edge sounds.